iPad 5 back leaked?

The 128 GB iPad 4 was just announced by Apple, but that obviously doesn’t mean that the company isn’t already working on the successor to its currently selling 10-inch tablet. The iPad 5 will probably arrive sometime during this year. Whether it’s going to be in March, June, or in October remains to be seen though (there have been rumors claiming each of these time frames for the release).

Regardless of when it will arrive, the iPad 5 has so far been said to feature a design highly reminiscent of what can be seen in the iPad Mini. And according to some images showing what their source claims to be the back of the upcoming iPad, that’s very much a fact.

ipad5back1 ipad5back2 ipad5back3

These pictures haven’t been confirmed in any way just yet, so take them with a high dose of salt. Their source says they’re showing a prototype back piece for  the 5th gen iPad.

And sure enough, the design is almost identical to that of the iPad Mini which you can see in the images alongside the purported iPad 5 back. Note though that this particular iPad 5 back seems to be from a 4G LTE-enabled model, since it features the necessary cut for a mobile data antenna.

The iPad 5 getting its design cues from the iPad Mini doesn’t seem like an unlikely thing to us, so even if these images don’t actually show the upcoming tablet’s back, its design will probably be quite similar.

Via 9to5Mac

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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