Vertu’s cheapest Android smartphone to cost €3,000. New Nokia 8800 Legacy in the making?

Nokia sold Vertu last year, and now the luxury phone maker belongs to EQT (well, actually 90% of its shares belong to EQT, as Nokia still holds %10). The new owner has promised to “drive the development of the luxury mobile phone category through significant investments”. And it looks like they’re almost ready to introduce new devices.

As reported in late 2012, Vertu’s new handsets will run Android.

Now, Russian insider Eldar Murtazin says the cheapest Vertu Android smartphone will cost €3,000 (about $4,030).

The first Vertu-braded Android smartphone could be introduced at the end of February. There are no details on its design, and neither on what features it will bring. Moreover, we don’t know if it’s going to run Android Jelly Bean, or an older version of the OS (luxury phones don’t usually offer the latest software).

Vertu Android Nokia 8800 Legacy

Eldar Murtazin is also saying that Vertu plans to launch a new Nokia 8800 Legacy. It remains t be seen what OS the 8800 Legacy will run (I really don’t think Nokia would allow Android on it anyway). It’s also not clear if the 8800 Legacy will be a slider – like the older 8800 models, including the 8800 Carbon Arte.

Update: this new Vertu Nokia handset will not be called 8800 Legacy after all. But it is a device that should continue what the 8800 series had started.

Author: Florin

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