You’ll be able to order a BlackBerry Z10 from Vodafone UK tomorrow at 5 pm

So who’s excited about the BlackBerry 10 launch tomorrow? What was that you said? Oh, it’s you? You are? Are you in the UK too? Well, then, you should probably get even more excited.

That’s because all signs point to the fact that you’ll be able to order a brand new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone from Vodafone starting at 5 pm tomorrow. That’s exactly two hours after the grand unveiling event gets started. What’s more, Z10s will be in stock in Vodafone stores on Thursday.

The cheapest contract with which the Z10 will be free will cost you a pretty hefty £47 per month, but that will get you 3 GB of data each 30 days as well as unlimited talk and texts. And starting with the Z10, new BlackBerry devices won’t need you to pay separately for any BB-specific services. Clearly then, RIM has seen the growing influence that consumers, not businesses, now have on smartphone sales.

The Z10 will initially only be available in black, with the white version coming in mid-February. At launch, the device will only be offered with Pay Monthly contracts, and not on Pay as you go.


This information comes from someone who claims to be a Vodafone employee, and who sent The Verge the picture you can see above. This purports to be an internal communication from the operator, aimed to let its employees know the minute details of the BB10 launch.

So it definitely looks like Vodafone will keep its promise of launching the first BB10 device as soon as possible. Previously we thought the Z10 would make its debut on February 5, and even that seemed like a great thing because of how close it was to the unveiling. But having it available on the same day, within hours of the announcement – that’s something not even Apple has done yet. So kudos to RIM if this turns out to have been real.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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