LG sold 8.6 million Android smartphones in Q4 2012, plans new F-series

LG announced that it sold a total of 15.4 million mobile phones worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2012, corresponding to a revenue of $2.58 billion. Of those 15.4 million devices, 8.6 million (hence more than half) were smartphones. Android smartphones, to be exact, because this is LG’s business at the moment.

In Q3 2012, the South Korea company sold only 7 million smartphones – so shipments have grown 23 percent.

According to LG, sales of “premium LTE smartphones”, including the Optimus G flagship (pictured below) and the Optimus Vu 2, have increased over the last quarter. And so did sales of the Google Nexus 4, and the L-series smartphones (L9, L7, L5 and L3 – 10 millions of them have been shipped as of early December).

LG-Optimus-G Q4 2012

Interestingly, LG has briefly mentioned it would introduce a “new F-series” family of smartphones. There’s absolutely no info on what this might bring. The L-series is all about classy design and affordability, but I can’t imagine what the F-series has to offer. Anyway, we will probably find out soon, so stick around.

This year, LG hopes to sell at least 45 million smartphones. And it’s not going to be just Android handsets, but also Windows Phone 8 ones – the company intends to launch several devices based on Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Via Press release

Author: Florin

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