HTC M7 will be in stores on March 8 in black and white

The HTC M7 has been talked about many times until now, as you may know. It will be the Taiwanese company’s next flagship smartphone, and apparently HTC wants to have a head start in competing with Samsung’s next Galaxy S.

In order to do just that, HTC may release the M7 on March 8, according to someone who spoke to HTC Source. That would be just two and a half weeks after the February 19 announcement in which the company is widely expected to officially introduce the handset. That would certainly be a very decent timeline.


Of course, this is just a bit of rumor mongering for now. Nothing’s confirmed just yet, but we do expect HTC to out release details during its event next month.

The leak doesn’t stop there, though. Apparently the HTC M7 will come in two different color variations: black and silver / white. The latter will probably mean that the back of the phone will be silver, and the front fascia clad in white (like so). Whether any metals will be involved in the M7’s casing or not is still up for debate, though, with past leaks contradicting each other on the matter.

Anyway, we do expect to see more of the M7 as weeks go by towards its coming out party.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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