T-Mobile’s GoSmart prepaid brand launches across the US in February

T-Mobile is anxious to get in the prepaid sub-brand game, following in the footsteps of Sprint (with its Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile brands). T-Mobile’s spin-off will be called GoSmart, and apparently it will become available throughout the US in February.

‘People familiar with the matter’ have brought this information over to Fierce Wireless. GoSmart is currently available in select ‘test markets’, and it’s said to have seen strong demand over there. Because of that, a nationwide rollout was decided it seems.


Last month when the initial rollout of GoSmart started, T-Mobile claimed it would wait and see how it will do in the few markets in which it would be active, and then use that information to decide whether to do a full-on launch or not.

So next month there will be a new prepaid option in town. GoSmart offers three plans. For $30 per month you get unlimited talk and text. For $35 per month you also get unlimited data – but slow data, suitable for Web browsing and emailing at best (exact speeds aren’t available). The top tier costs $45 each month, and offers you full-speed data for the first 5 GB of traffic, and then 2G speeds until your month is up.

Right now the carrier has just one phone on offer, the Alcatel 838 which costs $49 (after rebate) but isn’t even a smartphone. Alternatively, you can get a SIM only for $8. We expect GoSmart to start adding more and more devices to its roster pretty soon.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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