Nokia Lumia EOS with 41 MP camera sensor confirmed again, due for release in the US in the summer

Last month we told you that Nokia’s working on ‘porting’ the insane 41 MP sensor seen in the 808 PureView to its Lumia line of Windows Phones. And today this has been ‘confirmed’ by another source. ‘Confirmed’ as in – this is a rumor that says basically the same thing as a previous rumor. Yet this time the info comes from UK’s The Guardian, a pretty reputable publication, so the chances of these people doing journalistic-style things – like checking stuff with multiple sources before publishing anything – are rather high.

The deal is this: the Nokia EOS (or Lumia EOS?) is coming, it will sport the 41 MP sensor, and will be released in the US sometime during the summer.


This comes from “sources close to the Finnish handset maker” apparently. And obviously Nokia spokespeople declined to comment.

A Nokia Windows Phone with the camera of the 808 PureView would certainly help the company stand out among its competitors offering devices running Microsoft’s latest mobile OS, but then again the Finns are already No.1 in that regard. What remains to be seen is whether the insanely good picture quality that the sensor can provide will be enough to bring new people over to Windows Phone – perhaps even some leaving iOS or Android.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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