Samsung Galaxy Exhibit: a Galaxy S III mini for T-Mobile USA

With the Galaxy family of phones continuing to sell quite well for T-Mobile USA, it’s no surprise that the iPhone-less carrier would want to welcome Samsung’s Galaxy S III mini into its lineup as well. What is a surprise is the somewhat confusing choice of brand names: the pebble grey handset is poised to hit retail as the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, nearly the same moniker as another device, the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G — which itself was renamed from Samsung Exhibit II. And of course, there was the Samsung Exhibit 4G, the first in the series.


Nonetheless, model number SGH-T599 should be the second S III mini variant offered by a stateside operator, following the Galaxy Axiom on US Cellular. With a dual-core processor, WVGA display, and five-megapixel camera, this phone doesn’t bring the same class-leading features to the table as its award-winning namesake — but nor will it carry the same price tag or pocket-straining dimensions. Look for the latest Galaxy Exhibit to release before the end of the quarter.

Author: @evleaks

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