HTC M7’s camera will sport Ultrapixels. M7 name gets confirmed by retailer listing

Megapixels are so dull, HTC must think. So the company will market ‘ultrapixels’ instead for its upcoming M7 flagship smartphone. The M7 will be announced on February 19 and will apparently come with not one 13 MP camera sensor as previously rumored, but more like three different 4.3 MP sensor ‘layers’. So it’s like it has three different cameras instead of one.

The purpose is obviously to create higher quality images. The quality increase will result from combining the output from the three layers into the final photo that is shown to you. The concept is similar in a way to Nokia’s ‘superpixels’ created by the huge 41 MP sensor in the 808 PureView – but HTC’s execution is completely different.

The HTC M7 will purportedly save 4.3 MP images, but they will be crisper and clearer and will feature more detail than a ‘real’ 13 MP phone camera is able to produce. Color accuracy will be better too.

Obviously, HTC is expected to market the ‘Ultrapixel’ heavily as a main feature of the M7. That will also help the company by not letting people understand that the phone comes with one 4 MP sensor, as opposed to the competition’s 10MP+ units.


And speaking about the M7, it may actually be sold as the M7. For many weeks we thought that was just a codename, but evidence seems to be mounting that HTC will actually call it that. A few days ago we first heard about this possibility, and now the upcoming flagship has been spotted in an inventory listing for British retailer Carphone Warehouse – where it goes by the name M7.

Sure, this could just be that the Carphone Warehouse people don’t know what its commercial name will be just yet, and in the meantime are using the codename. Or it may be further confirmation that the M7 will be the M7. We’ll have to wait and see. Finally, the fact that this handset will come in two color variations, black and silver, has been leaked once again.

Via Pocket-lint here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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