BlackBerry Q10 may not be out in the US until May or June

Bad, bad news if you’re in the US and are anxiously waiting to get your mitts on a BlackBerry Q10 smartphone. It turns out that the many, many months you’ve waited for a QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry to run a decently modern operating system simply weren’t enough. More months of waiting are ahead of you, unfortunately.

The Q10 may only become available in the US in May or even June. Either way, almost certainly not before May. BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins told the AP that the Q10 will be in stores in the US about 8-10 weeks after the full-touch Z10. Since the latter is expected stateside in mid-March, the prospective release time frame for the Q10 becomes May-June. That could be, in the worst case scenario, almost five months after the official announcement.

BlackBerry Q10-2

That’s definitely not going to be good for BlackBerry’s newfound ambitions. Elsewhere in the world, the BlackBerry Q10 is going to arrive starting in April. The added delay for the US market likely has to do with carrier testing going on over there for prolonged periods of time. So the carriers could shorten the delay, but that’s really unlikely.

Heins also mentioned that he’s a bit disappointed that, because of the aforementioned carrier testing system in place in the US, the BlackBerry Z10 will only be available for purchase over there in March (it’s already out in the UK and Canada).

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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