Samsung Galaxy S4 could be announced on March 15

Last month, we told you that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4 / S IV flagship would be officially announced in March. Now we’re hearing that the announcement date might be March 15.

According to Sam Mobile (usually a reputable source), a “trusted insider” has confirmed this date. The website also notes that the S4 will be available for purchase starting early April, first in Western European markets. Asia should get it before the end of April. North America, Australia and Africa are going to receive it in May or June. In the US, we should expect all major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) to offer the new smartphone.

The Galaxy S III has been sold in more than 40 million units worldwide (in seven months from launch), and the S4 will probably be at least as successful as the older model.

Until the new Galaxy S becomes official, Samsung will showcase several Android tablets later this month at MWC 2013 – including the Galaxy Note 8.0, and the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus.

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-concept March 15 announcement

(this is a Galaxy S4 concept – the real device hasn’t been pictured yet)

Meanwhile, HTC is also getting ready to unveil a new flagship Android smartphone – the M7, which will be announced on February 19. Like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC M7 will run Android Jelly Bean, featuring a Full HD display, and a quad-core processor.

Author: Florin

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  • surethom

    I wonder which will have the better camera?? or maybe wait till may for the X phone with Sony camera sensor. looks like 2013 will be the a good year for camera phones????