Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III price down to $0.01 for new customers

A high-end, flagship smartphone for one penny? How does that sound? If it sounds awesome to you, and you don’t mind having Sprint as your carrier, here’s an exciting offer for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S III for the Now Network is currently being sold by Amazon for the extremely low price of $0.01. In fact, it’s the lowest it’s ever been, and it’s the lowest it’s ever going to get at that particular retailer – since for some reason it refuses to make phones actually free. Still, you obviously won’t mind paying the hefty penny, so this is as good as free.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III free

One thing to note, aside from the fact that you’ll need to sign a new two-year contract with Sprint anyway, is that this offer only applies for new customers. If Sprint is already your carrier of choice, then you’ll need to pony up $119.99 for the Galaxy S III. That’s still a good price, but it’s nowhere near as good as free, now is it?

So if you wanted to make the move to Sprint for a while but were looking for a good excuse, this might be it. And if you want to upgrade your existing device, why not wait a few more weeks? The upgrade price will surely drop down even more as time goes by.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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