T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 710 won’t be updated to Windows Phone 7.8

The update to Windows Phone 7.8 has finally started to gradually roll out at the end of last month. It’s currently in the process of reaching device after device, and as such if you own a Windows Phone 7.x smartphone, you’re probably anxiously waiting for this update to reach your particular bit of kit. After all, it’s probably going to be the last one you ever get – at least in terms of new features and not simple bug fixes.

However, if you own a Nokia Lumia 710 purchased from T-Mobile, that’s not going to be the case. Meaning – you simply won’t get the update.


Microsoft’s WP guidelines allow carriers to sometimes ‘reject’ software updates, and T-Mobile has exercised that right in this case. The carrier hasn’t planned on upgrading the Lumia 710, and that’s that. An official statement was sent to TmoNews saying as much, while in the same paragraph talking about how committed the magenta carrier is to offering updates to customers. That would be funny, if it weren’t sad for Lumia 710 owners.

Not only did Microsoft not treat you right by making WP8 incompatible with WP 7.x (and as such ensuring that your not-so-old smartphone will be pretty much obsolete soon), but now T-Mobile felt like it needed to add insult to injury and won’t even give you that new, a-few-pixels-wider home screen. Ouch.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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