Google and LG may have sold one million Nexus 4 smartphones already

Google and LG could have sold one million Nexus 4 smartphones so far, one report says. Unfortunately this isn’t officially confirmed (yet?) by either company. Rather, it’s an estimate which comes from the ever resourceful folk over at the XDA Developers forum.

They’ve been using a crowdsourced method of finding out how many Nexus 4s have been made. If you have one, you can go to an LG site and input your IMEI. You’ll then get a response which purportedly includes many bits of interesting information, such as where your particular handset was made, the exact date of production, as well as its production number. This number is apparently indicative of how many Nexus 4s were made, since if that number is, say 900000, that means yours is the 900,000th Nexus 4 in existence.


Obviously do take all of this with some salt, since it’s not in any way official. However, a source close go Google has told TechCrunch that the Mountain View search giant is indeed very happy with the demand for the Nexus 4 so far.

If true, the one million sales accomplishment doesn’t sound like much compared to how many Galaxy S IIIs Samsung was able to push in the same period of time. But then do consider that the Nexus 4 is only for sale in a very limited set of markets (seven through the Play Store, a few more which get it directly from LG), and that it’s been out of stock for most of the time since its introduction. That may have had something to do with the demand for the device, which could have been much larger than Google anticipated. And so, if it ordered fewer Nexus 4s than actually needed, the stock shortages start to make sense.

We’re hoping that Google or LG will say something official about this soon, but don’t hold your breath. Google doesn’t usually provide sales info for its Nexus devices.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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