HTC M7 to be sold as HTC One. New press render leaks out showing it in operation

The oft-leaked HTC M7, the Taiwanese company’s next flagship device that’s due to be unveiled on February 19, will apparently be sold as the HTC One. Just ‘One’. No letter after that (unlike the One X, One V, and One S from last year). This might prove to feel a bit odd to people, but at least it won’t be marketed as the M7, like we heard before. That name would have easily been even more forgettable than ‘One’.

Minutes ago, yet another press render of the handset has been acquired by our friend @evleaks, and it’s presented below for your viewing pleasure.

HTC One render

This, in fact, looks exactly like the image we first showed you last month, with the notable difference that the phone is ‘turned on’ this time. And we get to see that HTC has decided to let go of the Multitasking button. However, it still hasn’t bothered to adhere to the Android design guidelines that were introduced with version 4.0 (now more than one year old). As such, HTC is not going with on-screen software rendered Android buttons, a la Sony for example. It’s keeping the standalone buttons, but instead of three, there are now two – Back and Home, and in between is HTC’s logo. That’s one arrangement we’ve never seen before.

Letting go of the Multitasking button makes some sense – this function has been assigned to long-pressing the Home button for much of Android’s lifetime. On the other hand, that makes it ‘invisible’ to the user, and then it needs discovery. Google has introduced this ‘button’ for phones in Android 4.0 especially so it becomes an apparent option for everyone – because some people may not know that it is possible to accomplish this function by long-pressing the Home button.

And, once again, HTC (like Samsung) thinks doing its own thing is better than just listening to Google’s ideas. This has worked out wonderfully for the South Koreans, but not so much for the Taiwanese. Let’s see if things will change in the future.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of images supposedly depicting the M7. Most looked more like the already announced Butterfly than what you see above, so it’s unclear what’s going on. For now, though, consider that this one comes from the most reputable source, and as such has the highest likelihood of actually portraying the HTC One.

As for that name, HTC is sticking to its Galaxy-like brand it chose last year, while still failing to understand that it’s simply not attractive enough. ‘Galaxy’ instantly means something to people – space, endless possibilities, that sort of thing. ‘One’ is… well, one. After last year’s One series, HTC definitely needed to focus more on branding and marketing, yet it has decided to reuse an uninspiring name – and in a pretty confusing way too (by the omission of a standalone letter after that word). The tough times might not be over for this company.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • TGMzero

    Moving the buttons once again.

    This is ridiculous. HTC is never going to recapture the market with its flip flopping on what it needs to do.

    I’m using a DNA right now, but I’ll be switching to the S4 whenever it’s revealed and launched on Verizon.