Motorola X to be a ‘game changer’, one senior telco exec thinks

Finally, this summer we get to see the first smartphone developed by Motorola after Google took it over. In other words, this will be the first ever ‘100% Google’ phone. They call it the Motorola X. It’s unclear if that’s just a codename or if it will be used as the commercial name as well, but it would work in either role (or both).

But wait, you say, Google has the Nexus line too! Sure, but that’s not made by a subsidiary of the search giant. The company simply collaborates with others, using already existing designs and innovations that those phone and tablet makers bring forward. And while Google does have some input into the features of the Nexus devices, in the case of the Motorola X (and everything that will come after it) we’re talking about absolute control. So understandably, the world is anxious to see what the X will turn out to be.

And one telco executive from Australia thinks it will become the best thing since sliced bread. Or something like that. A “game changer”, a “real breakthrough” that will “put pressure on Samsung and Apple”. It’s Telstra’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Hugh Bradlow, uttering those words, by the way. Or so some unnamed ‘Telstra sources’ claim, according to Smarthouse. Bradlow apparently told these things to some senior mobile staff/folk over at the Australian carrier.


The former Marketing Manager for Motorola in Australia recently moved to the US to lead the marketing efforts for the new device from the HQ. Some Motorola sources (obviously anonymous, what did you expect?) say that the X will “feature software never seen before in a smartphone”.

That, of course, could mean anything. Is Google developing some insanely awesome new bits for Moto only? Or is the company simply going to change its Blur UI overlay atop of Android?

This software will pull “together Google services like no other manufacturer has done in the past”, says “a reliable source”. The X should come with software and capabilities that aren’t currently present in any of Samsung’s or Apple’s offerings, thus competing with those in a big way. Google has been working on the X for quite some time now, and that means people should expect something extraordinary – that seems to be the main idea here. But with no actual details, we’ll reserve judgement for later.

The Motorola X is once again said to be unveiled during Google I/O in May, and then released in July.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Rabid Rotty

    My beliefs, Gurgle, (Sorry sour with them at this moment, may pass, may not) and Moto have been working on this project well before the rumors of Moto’s aqquistiion. I actually believe they have been working on this since the first Moto Droid, and developed the Nexus Program as testing ground on all aspects. from hardware, software, marketing thru to distribution. Which is not a bad thing.If I ever get a true appology from the Gurgle Employee in whom’s behavior was absolutely disrespectful to how he treats his customers, I may someday consider purchasing another Gurgle product.