Samsung Galaxy Fame will be sold in the UK by Three

The low-end Samsung Galaxy Fame was announced earlier this month, and it brings the Galaxy S III-esque design to the lower echelons of the Korean company’s roster. It isn’t, however, the lowest-end S III-lookalike to launch in the near future, for that honor goes to the Galaxy Young (undoubtedly seen as some kind of successor to the Galaxy Y from a while back).

The Galaxy Fame therefore won’t be heavily anticipated and anxiously awaited, not in developed markets like the UK anyway. However, if it’s reasonably priced, it could prove a hit as a second device or even one for people who haven’t yet gotten into the whole smartphone madness.


And you’ll be able to buy it from Three. The operator has officially announced plans to carry the Galaxy Fame in the near future. Unfortunately though it didn’t release any details about pricing or a rough time frame for the launch. So far, no other UK-based operator has said anything about the Fame, but that could change obviously, so stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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