Sony Xperia ZL lands in Europe in April, pricing announced

The Xperia Z gets all the press, but Sony announced another device at the same time back in January – the Xperia ZL. This smaller but thicker non-waterproof version of the Xperia Z is also on its way to markets across the globe (though we don’t have the full list just yet).

One thing is clear, though. The Sony Xperia ZL will be released in Germany in April, and you’ll be able to purchase one for €599.99. That’s certainly not cheap or affordable or anything like that, and one expects the Xperia Z to be even more expensive – at least in Germany. Though phone pricing for most of continental Western Europe is usually pretty similar to what can be seen in Germany.


Come April you’ll have the Xperia ZL in stock at Phone House, both in stores and online. It will be available in both black and white (not red, though).

The Xperia ZL is pretty odd. It’s almost like Sony had two designs prepared for its flagship 2013 smartphone, but then was unable to choose just one – so it decided to release both, as the Z and ZL. Or maybe the ZL will prove to be substantially cheaper than the Z. Otherwise it doesn’t make much sense, unless it’s been made especially for people who can’t stand phones with glass backs. Or those that are waterproof.

Via Telecompaper

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • chess

    Xperia Z is 729,90 on preorder in my country, so they’re both very pricey.