HTC One to be available at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint on March 22 starting at $199.99

The HTC One will undoubtedly be announced on February 19 during a special event that’s already been confirmed by the Taiwanese company. We’ve had many leaks and rumors surrounding the next-generation flagship device known for a long time by its codename M7, but so far none have focused on its pricing in the US.

Today though we apparently get to find out just how much the One will cost stateside, and also when it will become available over there. To recap, the One is supposed to arrive in Europe on March 8, where it will cost €649.99 contract-free. This date was ‘confirmed’ by two separate leaks / rumors, so it may in fact be accurate.

HTC One render

In the US, the HTC One will be out on March 22. It will be offered by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint on that day – no word yet on whether Verizon plans to carry it. Still, three out of four big carriers is excellent considering HTC’s poor track record in this regard.

You’ll need to pay $199.99 for the One with 32 GB of internal storage, and $299.99 if you have to have 64 GB of space. This will be on all of the aforementioned carriers, and obviously the pricing includes the need to sign a two-year contract.

So nothing groundbreaking here, $199.99 has been the price point for high-end smartphones ever since the first iPhone was released five years ago.

The HTC One will have a metal casing with front-facing stereo speakers (probably just like you can see in the above image courtesy of our friend @evleaks), and both black and white / silver variants will be offered.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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