Unlocked BlackBerry Z10 expected in the UK on March 1

The BlackBerry Z10 launched in the UK before doing so anywhere else in the world, so if you’re over there you should be feeling pretty spoiled. However, that only applies if you like getting phones from operators, and signing long-term contracts.

If you’re more of a SIM-free and unlocked fan but would want to hold a Z10 in your hands, help is near. From this point on, you only have around a couple of weeks or so of waiting to do for that to become plausible.

BlackBerry Z10 Clove UK

That’s because well known SIM-free device retailer Clove has just announced that it will receive the first Z10 stock on March 1. It will only contain black units though, so if white is your favorite Z10 color, then you’ll unfortunately need to wait some more.

March 1 is as ‘early March‘ as possible, and Clove did previously have that rough time frame announced for the release of the BlackBerry Z10. Now we know. And you do too. And you still have time to save some money for that purchase – the Z10 is being offered to pre-order for no less than £534, VAT included.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • wongsinj

    Does it make sense that a company that is practically bankrupt puts the price of its phone so high? As much as I want to try the z10, the high price does not encourage at all!