Vertu wanted to make a Windows Phone 8 luxury handset. Android was simpler though

As you probably already know, Vertu recently announced its first Android smartphone. This is called Vertu Ti, runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and prices for it start at 7,900 Euro (about $10,500).

What you may not know is that Vertu intended to make a Windows Phone 8 luxury device at first. The problem, according to ZDnet, was “the complexity of building for Windows Phone.” Thus, Vertu eventually decided to use Android.

I find this a bit weird, and here’s why: the Vertu Ti (pictured below) has the model number RM-828V – that’s really close to the model numbers of Nokia’s Lumia 820: RM-824 and RM-826. So the phone’s inside hardware is likely manufactured by Nokia (which, of course, knows very well how to make Windows Phones). Most probably, Vertu had troubles not with the hardware side, but with software inegration – since it always wants to customize its smartphones’ interfaces, and Windows Phone doesn’t really allow that. So, in the end, the company’s first smartphone is what it is: a dual-core Android with a 3.7 inch display, and a really expensive case.

Vertu Windows Phone 8

Reportedly, at the moment there are about 300,000 people around the world who own a Vertu phone – mostly older, non-smartphone models (and each owner had to pay at least a few thousand bucks for their device).

Vertu belonged to Nokia until last year, when the Finnish company sold 90% of its shares to EQT.

Author: Florin

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  • nexus6

    Well, the complexity thing does not make sense, until you realize one thing. According to my sources, Vertu was the only and really only one manufacturer, that actually convinced Microsoft, that it can make some changes to the system, that noone else can do. And maybe Vertu found this exceptional exception too difficult and opted for Android instead…