All-white Xiaomi MI-2 in the works?

The Xiaomi MI-2 was announced last August and it’s been selling in batches ever since. That’s the preferred method that the Chinese smartphone company with a cult-like following has always employed. Its devices can only be officially bought from its website, but orders can only be taken when a new batch of devices is put on sale. That happens every few weeks usually, and the stock is always limited. This unfortunately creates a state of constant shortages, and leaves many people craving a Xiaomi device without one. However, the same system supposedly enables the company to sell its wares extremely cheaply, so that’s something to consider.

The MI-2 has had a silver version that’s more white than silver ever since it was unveiled. Yet in that case only the back is clad in silver, with the front of the phone still being black.

Xiaomi MI-2 white

That could change though, since what you see above is a MI-2 with an all-white front part. It was spotted over at the Xiaomi website, and it was used to illustrate a post about recreating a famous Spring Festival TV ad. Now this doesn’t mean that such a color variation is officially confirmed by Xiaomi. That still has to happen. And unfortunately, announcing a new color version might have the effect that the MI-2 batches will sell out even quicker from this point on. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what Xiaomi is hoping will happen.

Via Gizchina

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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