HTC One already cloned in China. Meet the GooPhone One

The Chinese cloners move faster and faster as time goes by. We’ve showed you the upcoming HTC One (also known by its codename M7) a couple of times – in both white and black. Although those press renders have the official HTC look, this device hasn’t been announced yet. It will, in fact, be unveiled for the whole world at not one, but two special events tomorrow (one in London, one in New York).

This, however, hasn’t stopped the Chinese cloners from doing what they do best and cloning the One already. The phone you see below isn’t the HTC One, it’s the GooPhone One. Yep. Google + iPhone + One. The name somehow seems fitting for a clone.

goophone-one-htc-m7-clone goophone-one-htc-one-knock-off

You have to admit it’s a pretty well executed clone too. Even the GooPhone logo is in exactly the place where the HTC logo is on the One / M7.

Apparently GooPhone is quite well known in China for this sort of thing, being usually quick to clone every new high-end device out there. So yeah, a cloner with brand recognition – that’s an odd coupling.

Unfortunately we still don’t know the GooPhone One’s specs. Because of the two different signal strength indicators seen in the images above, we do assume it will come with either dual-SIM or dual-mode (GSM+CDMA) support. If GooPhone wants to keep its device as close to the original as possible, then it should also have a 4.7-inch touchscreen just like the HTC One. Gizchina speculates that there will be at least 1 GB of RAM in there, and maybe even a 13 MP rear camera. As for the chipset employed, the most obvious choice would be MediaTek’s MT6589, that company’s first quad-core processor. That makes sense because it’s decently powerful while still being cheap. And clones need to be cheap.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Timmy Thoms

    Some company may make all those in store non working samples. The demand must be 100,000++ for all the mall kiosks and radio shacks, wal-marts, etc and i doubt if the OEM of the phones would do all that. i could be wrong, (i know nothing of the industry) but if my guess is correct, these 3rd party companies would have access to the design language down to the mm.