iPhone 5 cheaper in the UK until Friday

iPhones are never cheap, since Apple would rather not sell you one than cut its price – that is, until a new one comes out, which is when the old model becomes ‘entry-level’. This means that the current-gen iPhone is almost impossible to find offered in deals, especially when we’re talking about the SIM-free version of the device.

Not so this week, though. If you’re in the UK and want to purchase an iPhone 5 without a long-term contract commitment, you can do so from Expansys and save a cool £30 compared to Apple’s official pricing for this product. The well known electronics online retailer is asking for only £499.99 for the iPhone 5, free shipping included. That compares favorably to the price for which the same unit is being offered in the Apple store – £529.

iPhone 5 cheap UK

Sure, £30 isn’t a huge sum to save, but in the Apple world, believe it or not – that’s really something. A rare occurrence, even. So head over to Expansys if you’re interested. But do so before the coming weekend, for this deal is only available until Friday, according to Tracy and Matt.

Just in case you don’t want to save £30, you have another option as well. Pay £529.99, but get a spare Lightning-to-USB cable and a Barely There case alongside the iPhone itself.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    Not a bad deal at all, any savings when you are buying a £500 phone is worthwhile.