Sony Xperia Z now available in France for €649

A bit unexpectedly, the Sony Xperia Z has become available in Europe. It hasn’t happened in Germany, as you might expect judging from recent info, but in France. Sony’s online store in France managed to one-up the company’s retail arm in Germany by a few days. Remember, the Xperia Z is supposed to be out in Germany on February 21 – which is this Thursday.

However, if you’re in France, you can already purchase a brand new Xperia Z. You can choose between the black and the white versions, as the purple one is an exclusive to carrier SFR in France so you can’t get it anywhere else.

Sony Xperia Z France

The price that Sony asks for its smartphone is the same we heard would be chosen in Germany as well: €649 for a SIM-free and unlocked unit. That’s certainly not cheap. Then again, the Xperia Z is Sony’s current flagship smartphone, and this is the company that used to heavily overprice its new releases even back when it was using months-old or year-old hardware innards. The Xperia Z finally sees Sony come back into the present, in terms of what specs its flagship has.

We expect the Xperia Z to slowly become available in more parts of Europe in the coming weeks, following its release in France and Germany.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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