Samsung Tizen 2.0 SDK available for download. First Tizen smartphone could resemble the Galaxy S III

Samsung was supposed to launch its first Tizen handset in the second half of 2012. However, for unspecified reasons, the South Korean company had to push back the release to this year.

And although we don’t know exactly when we will see a Tizen smartphone available for purchase, Samsung is certainly working towards that – as it’s just released the SDK for Tizen 2.0, alongside a lengthy changelog. The new version of the OS supports Exynos 4412 processors, NFC, and (at least) HD displays.

Several screenshots of Tizen 2.0 can be seen below.

Samsung Tizen 20 screenshot

Samsung Tizen 20 screenshot 2

Samsung Tizen 20 screenshot 3

Sam Mobile speculates that the final version of Tizen will look a lot like what’s seen above when the first device is officially launched. Speaking of that, the same source says the first Samsung Tizen smartphone will be “based on the Galaxy S III.” It’s not clear if this means it’s going to look the same, or have similar hardware specs, or both. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

It was rumored that HTC would want to join Samsung in making Tizen handsets, but at the moment the Taiwanese company probably just wants to concentrate on Android and Windows Phone (and the latest HTC One, aka M7, certainly seems to be a very nicely-done device).

Author: Florin

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