SIM-free HTC One goes up for pre-order in the UK for £510, out on March 15. Red version coming too

Earlier today HTC officially unveiled the One, its newest flagship smartphone. In the post about that event we told you that this device will be headed to over 180 carriers across the world, and that it will launch in the UK in mid-March – with Vodafone even providing an actual release date: March 15. However, at that point we had no information about pricing and launch for the SIM-free HTC One.

In the meantime though, well known online retailer Clove has announced that it’s started taking pre-orders for the new HTC device. The price you need to pay is £510, VAT included. Clove expects the first batch of HTC One stock to arrive in its warehouse on March 15. So we can probably already call that the official release date for this smartphone, at least over in the UK.

HTC One Clove UK

Clove currently lists the black and silver versions, which as far as we were aware during the announcement were the only ones coming. Not so, though. On its official website, HTC is also showing us a red One.


So do expect that to become available at some point. Somewhere. Maybe as a ‘limited edition’, maybe exclusive to certain carriers or retailers. Or maybe not. We’ll bring you more information about this as we get it.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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