Upcoming LG Optimus F7 and Optimus F5 shown in press images for the first time

LG is planning on following up its pretty successful Optimus L line of smartphones from last year not only with their respective sequels (already introduced as the L7 II, L5 II, and L3 II), but also with another family of devices entirely.

This will be the Optimus F series, and we first heard about its imminent introduction at the end of last month when the Korean company published its results for last year.

And today two of the smartphones in this new series have been leaked in press photo form. Here then, for your convenience, are the LG Optimus F7 (on the left) and Optimus F5 (on the right):

LG Optimus F7 and Optimus F5

Unfortunately though none of the specs of either of these devices has been leaked just yet, so we’re left guessing what the point of this F line will be. The L series is all about getting decently designed handsets into the hands of the masses. So what’s the F series going to be? We’ll have to wait and see.

LG is sure to unveil this new series at Mobile World Congress next week, so on the off chance we won’t see any comprehensive leaks about it until then, Monday is the day when all shall be revealed.

Via @evleaks

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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