Asus teases ‘Metallic Miracle’ for Mobile World Congress. It will be a new PadFone or the FonePad

Asus has started building up the hype for its February 25 event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company is currently running a teaser campaign that started with a brief video yesterday, and continues with a mysterious image today.

In the video that was released yesterday, and which you can see below, the Taiwanese company speaks about a ‘Metallic Miracle’ that will arrive at MWC. In fact, the imagery is quite vivid – this thing, featuring ‘ultimate craftsmanship’ lands on top of the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.

So what this tells us is that whatever Asus will announce on Monday will be made out of metal and will be a high quality product. Oh, and the company’s official teaser website says: “Join us on February 25, when Pad and Phone come together”.

This could be a new PadFone, then. The PadFone 3, perhaps? Or maybe Asus will just officially unveil the tablet so far rumored to be called the FonePad. Asus certainly likes playing with those two terms.

Asus MWC 2013 teaser

Today the image you can see above got posted to the official Asus Facebook page. With the mention that what we’re looking at here is a button. And nothing else. Make of this what you wish.

The metallic construction part fits the FonePad. One leak about it showed us the lower part of its back, and it definitely seemed to be made out of metal.

Whatever this is, we’ll know for sure in four days.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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