The GooPhone N2 is a 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note II clone priced at $160

GooPhone is at it again, after managing to clone the HTC One even before it was announced. The company most well known for cloning smartphones and tablets left and right has hit again, this time with the GooPhone N2. Or more specifically, the N2 Lite.

GooPhone isn’t even trying to hide what device it’s emulating this time either, just consider that name! Yes, this is a Samsung Galaxy Note II clone. Complete with a 5.5-inch touchscreen that comes with 720p HD resolution – just like the original. In fact, in the looks department, the only thing that is stands out here is that the screen’s bezels look larger compared to the Korean phablet. Everything else may have been made by Samsung and we’d never know it.

GooPad N2 lite 2 GooPad N2 lite 1

Of course, the GooPhone N2 has extremely different hardware innards though. No surprise there, as that’s the case with all clones – and the point of such devices too: deliver the high-end looks for less money.

GooPhone had actually promised to equip the N2 with a quad-core processor (the MediaTek MT6589), but hasn’t done so after all. Instead, this phone comes with a dual-core MT6577 clocked at 1 GHz. To avoid widespread backlash, this model’s official name is the GooPhone N2 Lite. Get it?

So apparently we might see a non-Lite quad-core version in the future still. For now, the N2 Lite comes with 1 GB of RAM, an 8 MP rear camera, a 1.3 MP front camera, 4 GB of internal storage, microSD card support, 3G, and a 3,100 mAh battery – which is the exact same capacity as the original.

Also, a flip case integrated into a replacement back cover is coming too, in order to take the cloning even further into the accessory realm.

The GooPhone N2 Lite isn’t available to buy just yet, but that is set to change very, very soon. And it will come with an impressive price: 999 yuan, which translates into $160 or €122 at the current exchange rates. That’s really something even for the Chinese market, where high-end smartphones are usually incredibly cheap.

Obviously though, the chances of seeing this handset outside of China are zero, since Samsung’s lawyers would, we assume, instantly jump at the opportunity to sue.

Via Gizchina

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Benmartin1974

    Id’ been weighing up getting a Samsung note II for ages. I read lots of reviews and this one was very useful , I got my package last month and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure