New, cheap Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 handset to debut at MWC 2013

Nokia has already announced its presence at MWC 2013 in Barcelona, but it didn’t say what we should expect to see there.

In any case, there are many reasons to believe Nokia will showcase at least one new Windows Phone 8 device. In fact, Reuters has it that “company sources” are confirming exactly this: Nokia intends to unveil its next WP8 handset at MWC.

Reportedly, this will be a low-price Lumia – perhaps the Lumia 520 that we’ve heard about not long ago.

At the moment, Nokia’s cheapest WP8 device is the Lumia 620 (pictured below), which costs around €250 ($330). It remains to be seen how much cheaper the company’s new Lumia can be, and what compromises Nokia had to make to keep costs down.

Nokia Lumia 620

It’s said that Nokia will bring some low-cost basic phones to MWC 2013, too. It’s not clear if these are part of the Asha series or not. But we’ll find out next week, when Mobile World Congress is finally going to debut.

Nokia is also readying the launch of a high-end Lumia 1000 – which will be its new Windows Phone 8 flagship, seemingly featuring a 41MP PureView camera. We might see this at MWC as well, although Nokia could prepare a separate event for it. We’ll let you know anyway.

Author: Florin

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