Samsung Galaxy S IV cases apparently leaked, showing angular shape

The Samsung Galaxy S IV will probably get unveiled in mid-March. Whether that will happen on March 14 or March 15 is almost irrelevant, what’s important is that it’s coming soon. And it’s expected to become available in stores shortly after that.

The thing is, though – we still don’t know how it looks. Like last year with the Galaxy S III, Samsung has so far managed to keep the design of its upcoming flagship smartphone under wraps. Sure, we’ve seen a few purported renders here and there, but almost certainly those were all fan-made attempts at showcasing the S IV’s face.

mobilefun-s4leak-3 mobilefun-s4leak-1

Now though from well known accessories retailer Mobile Fun come some shots showing purported Galaxy S IV cases. These have been sent to the British site by a ‘trusted Chinese accessory manufacturer’ and are said to be the final designs for Galaxy S IV cases.

Of course we can’t infer exactly what the phone will look like from these images. After all, we’re just looking at some cases. But what is rather apparent is that the Galaxy S IV may have a much more angular design than its immediate predecessor, one that will be more akin to that seen on the Galaxy Note II or perhaps even the Galaxy S II from two years ago.

In terms of size, the much-rumored hypothesis of a 4.99-inch touchscreen certainly feels plausible. Also, the camera cutout on the back is quite large, which implies that the camera of the Galaxy S IV will itself be larger than the one found in the Galaxy S III. And if Samsung’s going to go past 8 MP for the first time without compromising on image quality, it very well should be.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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