Samsung’s Bada is officially dead once again. Bada apps will run on Tizen

For many months now, Samsung has been killing Bada. Slowly, softly maybe, and definitely silently. We first told you about this in May of last year, when word got out that Bada would be completely dead in about one year. So, you ask, come May will Bada be history?

The answer is yes. Actually, depending on how you define the word ‘dead’, Bada may already be buried. And considering that the latest devices to run it were announced in 2011, the only thing keeping it alive are people using those devices and (perhaps) some developers who haven’t moved on yet.


Hong Won-pyo, the president of Samsung’s Media Solutions Center, announced that Bada will be merged into Tizen. Tizen phones that Samsung will launch later this year will be able to run Bada apps. However, ‘upgrading’ a Bada handset to Tizen won’t be possible. And that makes a bit of sense, considering how old such phones already are. Chances are, their owners are already thinking about new hardware purchases, if they haven’t already gone on that route.

Samsung thinks that Bada wasn’t a good fit for modern smartphones, and obviously that is true. This OS was created by the Koreans as something to help them quickly compete at the low-end of the smartphone market (or high-end of the feature phone market, if you want) with then well-priced Symbian offerings from Nokia.

Now Symbian is dead, Android has taken over the low-end smartphone space, so there’s no need for Bada anymore.

Via Yonhap, MK, The Verge

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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