First LG and Huawei Firefox phones get photographed

Yesterday the first phones running Mozilla’s new Firefox OS were unveiled, and they were made by ZTE and Alcatel. However, those aren’t the only companies that are getting ready to use this new mobile operating system. In fact, as we told you yesterday, LG and Huawei are set to join in the fun at a later date. And so is Sony, apparently, although that’s only going to happen next year.

In the meantime though, maybe you were wondering what the first LG device to run Firefox OS looks like. Or perhaps you’re more interested in the design of the first Huawei handset that will launch with this software. Well, in either case, the following images should reveal to you… all that can be revealed at this point.

Huawei Firefox OS phone LG Firefox OS phone

So yeah, that’s Huawei’s Firefox OS effort at the top, and LG’s (sadly turned off) below it, sitting in between an Alcatel One Touch Fire and a ZTE Open. The phones were caught hanging out at Telefonica’s booth at Mobile World Congress. That particular carrier is a great proponent of Firefox OS, so this all makes sense when you think about it.

As you may have gathered, we don’t know anything about the LG and Huawei devices just yet. Not a thing. Not any detail(s) about specs, not when they’ll be out, not even what their names are going to be. On the release time frame though, it’s probably safe to assume that these will come in 2013, rather than later. And we’ll obviously let you know when we find out more.



Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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