Microsoft says the Windows Phone store now has 130,000 apps, 15,000 WP8-specific

Windows Phone may not be as successful as Microsoft would want it to be (at least not yet), but the operating system is coming along nicely. One of the key metrics that people use to compare ‘ecosystems’ in the mobile world is the number of apps available for each. iOS and Android lead the pack by far with around 700,000 apps each, so where is Microsoft’s newest effort?

Well, it reached 130,000 total apps. That’s almost doubled in the past 11 months, which means we shouldn’t expect the number to jump further in an incredibly short amount of time. Maybe if the platform suddenly becomes a lot more successful, but otherwise it will clearly take some time for WP to reach 500,000 apps or more.

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Of course, it’s an endless debate whether such numbers actually matter, or how much they do, when it comes to the average user’s decision to buy a particular smartphone or another.

Windows Phone 8-specific apps have reached the 15,000 milestone in about three months after this new version of the OS was launched. These are apps that will not run on older versions of the OS. In the future, we should obviously expect most Windows Phone development to focus on WP8 apps, since 7.x versions will slowly be phased out (except in the so called ‘emerging markets’ where they will linger just a bit more).

Via Windows Phone Developer Blog

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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