BlackBerry 10 tablet coming this year, software update for the PlayBook in the works too

BlackBerry (the company formerly known as RIM) announced its newest mobile operating system last month. BlackBerry 10 can be experienced right now on one device only – the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. This is to be joined by the Q10 later on, a handset that retains the ‘classic’ BlackBerry form factor while also coming with a touchscreen.

But what about a tablet? RIM once delved into that market with the PlayBook, the company’s one and only tablet effort so far. Rest assured though, for we will see a BB10 tablet. And it will arrive before the end of this year.

BlackBerry PlayBook

The information comes from Sarim Aziz, the head of developer relations for Asia Pacific at BlackBerry, speaking to KYMI. But wait, there’s more! The BlackBerry PlayBook (seen above) is set to be updated to the new OS as well, with the company currently working on that update.

Furthermore, the Canadians expect the BlackBerry app store to reach 100,000 apps by July. The store launched with around 70,000 apps – most of which, however, seem to be badly written ports of Android apps (since BB10 has an Android emulator, this is pretty easy to do).

It’s unclear how many of those 30,000 new apps that we should expect in the next few months will be native, but let’s hope that all of them will be.

As for those who craved a BB10 tablet – you can start the waiting game now.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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