Sony Xperia Z now available in the UK. US too if you’re willing to spend $849

It’s not quite March 1 just yet, but the Sony Xperia Z has become available in the UK today – one day earlier than previously thought. And we’re not just talking one or two retailers here – this is a big push from Sony. The Xperia Z is now in stock at every big well known company that sells phones in the UK.

Prices vary, though. The cheapest you can get the phone SIM-free for seems to be £489.95 at Phones 4U. However, if that particular retailer isn’t one you fancy, you have many other options. You can find the Sony Xperia Z on sale at Expansys for £529.99, at Clove for £522 (but this includes a free wireless speaker which is apparently worth £65), or at Unlocked Mobiles for £514.98.


If you don’t want to pay that much upfront, but you still crave an Xperia Z, there’s always the contract route. On Pay Monthly plans, Carphone Warehouse offers the smartphone for free starting at £36 per month contracts. This pricing applies to the white and black versions only. If you want a purple Xperia Z, you should know that it’s exclusive to O2, an operator that asks for at least £39 per month in order to give it to you for free.

The cheapest plans for the white and black Xperia Z are to be found at Orange, where you get either 600 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1 GB of data for £36 each month, or 900 minutes, unlimited texts, and 250 MB of data for the exact same amount.

The most expensive plan costs £63 per month, is at O2, and offers you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 1 GB of data per month. However, EE throws in 20 GB of data while still keeping everything else unlimited for £61.

Obviously, there are many more plans to choose from, so if you head over to Carphone Warehouse make sure you consider them all before picking the one that’s best for you.

If you’re in the US, you likely have a lot of waiting to do if you want to pick up the Xperia Z on contract. No carriers have announced the device so far, and Sony itself hasn’t said anything about availability in North America. However, if you don’t mind spending a whopping $849, you can purchase an Xperia Z in the States right now.

GSM Nation is the retailer that is offering you this opportunity, and the Xperia Z is currently listed as being in stock.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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