Windows Phone 8 devices will be upgradeable to the next major OS version, Microsoft promises

Devices running Windows Phone 7.x are never going to be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. It’s a sad truth, and one that may not have helped sales of Windows Phone devices much last year, from the point in which this was announced and up until the first WP8-powered phones started to make their way into stores.

Microsoft always claimed it simply had no choice on the matter. And while it’s pretty clear that the company knew about this ever since WP7 was launched, it obviously didn’t want to say anything until much later. This unfortunately created the situation in which many people bought WP7 handsets that were deemed obsolete in mere months.


Sure, there’s Windows Phone 7.8 rolling out in order to alleviate some of the pains of WP7 users. But the fact is, WP8 will never make it to old hardware.

Not the case from now on, though. Apparently WP8 devices will be eligible for future upgrades. In other words, when WP9 comes around (or whatever the next major version of the OS will be called), those who buy a WP8 device now won’t be left out.

At least that’s the word coming from Greg Sullivan, a senior marketing manager at Microsoft, who spoke to PCMag. Well, not literally, but it’s the feeling he gave. Sullivan used as vague wording as possible, so things might still change in the future of course. But it definitely looks like you should have a glimmer of hope regarding future upgradability of current WP8 hardware.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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