4.5-inch iPhone rumored for 2014. Cheaper, $330 polycarbonate iPhone 5 lookalike also in the works

Before you read the following, get the biggest possible grain of salt you can find and keep it by your side until you’ve finished. Needless to say, this is a rumor. Furthermore, it’s one that originated at a Japanese site, and got machine translated. So not only could things simply be wrong here, they may even have been translated wrong.

With the disclaimer out of the way, here’s the rumor of the day regarding Apple’s next iPhone. Or iPhones, to be specific.

First of all, we’re told that a 4.5-inch iPhone was postponed to 2014. This may mean that it was initially going to launch later this year. But now it won’t. This may just be next year’s iPhone. Or next year’s high-end iPhone, at least.

A cheaper iPhone has once again been rumored. This will apparently be made out of polycarbonate (the material Nokia uses for its Lumia range), and it will look almost identical to the currently selling iPhone 5. That said, it will be much more colorful, with many different hues available at launch. The dimensions should be near identical too, except for the thickness – the plastic iPhone is expected to be thicker than the iPhone 5. But everything else about it may be very similar, including, perhaps, the 4-inch touchscreen.

iPhone colorful

The cheap iPhone should apparently retail for around $330 unlocked, if this rumor is to be believed. And that’s pretty hard to do, especially regarding the pricing. The cheapest iPhone 5 costs $649 unlocked, so selling a device with similar specs (yet a cheaper, plastic body of course) for half the price seems extremely… extreme, so to speak.

Remember that many people were dreaming that the iPad Mini would cost $199 before it launched, and that similarly made absolutely no sense from Apple’s perspective. The $329 price that the iPad Mini is actually going for (in the cheapest configuration) is a lot more Apple-y: premium compared to competitors in the same category. So whether or not you believe this rumored $330 price for the cheap iPhone is up to you, but we’d venture a guess that it will be at least $399. Let’s wait and see though. The thing isn’t even official yet.

Finally for today, there’s news that says that the next iPhone will have a dual-LED flash for its camera. It’s unclear, mind you, which exact device we’re talking about here, although it may be neither of the aforementioned ones. This could be the iPhone 5S due for release this year.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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