Aluminum Nokia Catwalk (Lumia 920 successor) coming to T-Mobile “in the summer”. Lumia 928 at Verizon

Nokia may soon have flagship devices on sale at three of the ‘big four’ US carriers. That’s so far never happened since the Finns turned to Windows Phone for their smartphone operating system needs. Sure, we’ve had Lumias on more than one carrier, but the flagships were usually AT&T-only.

That’s about to change. The Nokia Catwalk will be a successor of sorts to the Lumia 920, although it will come with very similar specs. The biggest change though will be in terms of the materials used for its construction. The Catwalk is rumored to be the first Lumia to come with an aluminum casing, dropping the polycarbonate that has so far been featured in all of Nokia’s Windows Phones.

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The Catwalk will be sold by T-Mobile starting this summer, according to The Verge. But T-Mobile won’t be the only US carrier to sport a new high-end Nokia soon.

Verizon will also get its very own version of the Lumia 920. This device, codenamed Laser, could be sold as the Lumia 928. Verizon and Microsoft are going to do a big marketing push for this phone.

And just to recap, AT&T is said to be the exclusive carrier for the upcoming Nokia smartphone codenamed EOS, the one that’s supposed to take the insane 41 MP camera sensor from the 808 PureView and pair it with the Windows Phone operating system.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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