Asus FonePad arrives in Europe this month, priced at €265 in Russia

Asus took the wraps off of the FonePad at Mobile World Congress last week. The FonePad is the Taiwanese company’s first device to sport an Intel processor. It’s a 7-inch tablet that can make phone calls as well, if ever you’ll find yourself needing such functionality.

We’ve been told that Asus will release the FonePad in the UK in late Q2 (which probably means ‘in June’), but apparently that won’t be the first territory to get the new tablet.

Asus FonePad 1

The FonePad will become available in Russia before the end of this month. The price over there will be higher than what Asus has as the recommended price for Europe. That is €219, but in Russia the tablet will retail for 10,590 rubles, which roughly amounts to €265 at the current exchange rates.

If you’re somewhere else in Europe, you don’t need to be concerned though. For some reason, unlocked mobile devices are always more expensive in Russia than elsewhere, sometimes by quite a margin. So this is to be expected.

What this means though is that we may see the FonePad in other countries this month or maybe in April. Stay tuned.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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