Behold the smallest and lightest phone in the world

The Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra may be the thinnest smartphone in the world, and in fact if we go into the non-smartphone category we might find even thinner offerings out there, but the subject of this post is the world’s smallest and lightest phone. So not the thinnest. In fact, it’s much thicker than the One Touch Idol Ultra.

That said, the Phone Strap 2 WX06A announced by Japanese carrier Willcom is insanely small. Its dimensions are 70x32x10.7 mm. To give you some perspective on that, it’s as long as most smartphones with 4.5-5 inch screens are wide. Just let that sink in for a second.

phone-strap-2-3-590x412 phone-strap-2-590x442

The Phone Strap 2 weighs just 32 grams, which is at least four times less than leading smartphones of this day and age. Again, incredible.

But also fairly useless, isn’t it? Just look at how small it is in the hand. Plus, its battery life is nothing to write home about. 2 hours of talk time. That’s a lot worse than even the most battery challenged smartphone, and it’s laughable compared to some other featurephones. The 300 hour standby time is better, but why buy something you’re not going to use?

With its size, though, the Phone Strap 2 is more of a novelty and less of a device we’d actually recommend to anyone. Of course it’s Japan-only, by the way. Oh, and in case you were wondering, you can do text-only email on the 1-inch screen.

Thankfully, only 12,000 of these will be made, in the three colors you see above. Details about pricing aren’t out yet, but it has to be cheap, right?

Via Newlaunches Via The Verge

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • CaptainCarl

    Zoolander will want one in each colour