HTC’s Ultrapixel technology will be used in mid-end phones, too

One of the highlights of HTC’s new One smartphone (pictured below) is its rear camera, which uses Ultrapixels instead of the well-known Megapixels. Technically, the camera is a 4MP one, but the Ultrapixel technology and the 1/3’’ sensor seemingly allows is to receive 300% more light than regular cameras – this allowing photos to look great (at least in theory).

According to Omio, the Ultrapixel technology won’t be used just in high-end devices. Reportedly, Phil Roberson, Head of HTC UK and Ireland, declared that the new camera tech could “absolutely” come to mid-end HTC handsets – meaning dual-core devices.

Phil Roberson further said that there’s even “potential” for Ultrapixel cameras to be embedded into entry-level smartphones. But that, of course, might not happen too soon.

HTC One Ultrapixels

Among HTC’s upcoming mid-end smartphones we have the unannounced M4 (or 603e, as it will be known in China). However, we’ve heard this would feature a 13MP rear camera, so it’s hard to believe it’s going to use Ultrapixels.

In any case, it seems that HTC won’t go the Nokia way. As we all know, the Finnish company is using its PureView camera technology only for top of the line smartphones. So HTC’s intentions are certainly good for customers who can’t afford expensive devices.

Author: Florin

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