Samsung Galaxy S IV Eye Scroll: tracking your eye movements to auto-scroll text

The software features inside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV will be more important than the hardware, someone who apparently works for the Korean company told the NYT Bits blog.

Samsung is therefore continuing its increased focus on software experiences, a focus which was first obvious as a new priority for the company last year at the unveiling of the Galaxy S III, where features such as Smart Stay and Smart Rotation were demoed extensively.

Eye Scroll is similar, in that it will probably use the front camera of the Galaxy S IV. It will track your eyes, and as they move across a text, for example, the device will auto-scroll the page you’re reading for you, with no need to touch the handset’s screen.

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This is going to be part of Samsung’s increasing arsenal of gimmicky software additions to its TouchWiz UI overlay that sits atop Google’s Android. And it will help the company score in the ‘differentiation from competitors through novel software features’ for sure, but whether or not Eye Scroll will be more than just a gimmick remains to be seen. After all, since you’re usually holding a smartphone in your hand while reading anything on it, a finger is always close enough to the screen to do the scrolling when necessary.

Anyway, we’re now just nine days away from the grand unveiling of the Galaxy S IV.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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