BlackBerry Z10 may arrive at AT&T on March 15

The BlackBerry Z10 is already on sale in the UK and in other places, but not the US. Well, not at any of the big carriers anyway, because if you’re willing to spend a whopping $999 one MVNO can help you get a Z10 Stateside.

We have so far heard that T-Mobile may launch its Z10 on March 27. Verizon’s Z10 hasn’t starred in any leaks regarding its release date yet, but it may come as late as April. And Sprint simply isn’t going to sell the BlackBerry Z10, choosing for some reason to focus solely on the upcoming Q10 for its customers’ BlackBerry 10 needs.


That leaves AT&T, as you may have gathered. And it looks like it will be the first big carrier to release the Z10 in the US. March 15 is when that will happen, according to a source that spoke to N4BB. This is also the day in which the smartphone will become available at big box retailers, apparently.

So, if you’re desperately waiting to get the BlackBerry Z10 on contract in the US, you may have just until next week to do that still. Or you can choose to wait even more for the Q10 to make it to the States – whatever suits you best.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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