Samsung Galaxy S IV eye-tracking auto-scrolling feature ‘confirmed’ by leaked screenshots

Well, it’s not going to be called ‘Eye Scroll’, but ‘Smart Scroll’. Not a big difference, but one nevertheless.

In case you’re wondering what we’re on about, it’s Samsung’s new eye-tracking feature that will scroll what you’re looking at based on whether or not you’ve finished reading. Or something like that. We first heard about this yesterday, and today the feature has been confirmed by two sets of leaked screenshots.

First, SamMobile was sent a number of screenshots that their tipster claimed were from the Galaxy S IV. In fact, they were from a leaked Android 4.2 ROM for the Galaxy S III. Regardless, they showed Smart Scroll alongside Smart Pause, another new TouchWiz feature. This will pause a video that’s playing on your device if you aren’t looking at the screen. Once again, the reliance is on eye-tracking. It’s also interesting to note that this will be a TouchWiz feature for Android 4.2, and not something limited to the Galaxy S IV.

Speaking of that, though, GSM-Israel now claims to have the first actual screenshots originating on Samsung’s next flagship device. These purportedly come from a very reliable source, and even confirm some specs for us.

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Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_00_0

Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_31_0

First of all, note that this is the American version of the device. Apparently there will be two hardware configurations for the Galaxy S IV – this one, headed to North American carriers, and another one that will be sold internationally. The latter may come with the famed Samsung Exynos 5 Octa eight-core processor, as was leaked a number of times before. But the device headed to North America may be powered by ‘just’ a quad-core 1.8 GHz CPU, as these screenshots ‘prove’. This chipset may be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, as was rumored time and time again over the past few weeks, or not. We don’t know that for sure just yet.

Moving along, the rear camera inside the Galaxy S IV looks to be a 13 MP unit, and the touchscreen will be around 5 inches diagonally and sport Full HD 1080p resolution – but that’s hardly a surprise after dozens of leaks claiming this to be the case already. 2 GB of memory are also in it seems.

These screenshots also confirm the aforementioned new ‘Smart’ settings, i.e. Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. Although this is also an Android 4.2.1 build just like the leaked one for the Galaxy S III, in this case the TouchWiz settings panel has been revamped, featuring lighter colors here and there, and a tab navigation for Settings at the top. That said, the Galaxy S IV is likely to launch running Android 4.2.2, so some things may still change, design-wise.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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