Samsung pulls Windows RT-running Ativ Tab from Germany and other European countries

Samsung will stop selling its Ativ Tab Windows RT-based tablet in Germany and a few (unnamed for now) other European countries, according to a couple of reports that have surfaced out of the CeBIT trade show in Hanover.

This comes after an announcement last month in which Samsung said it wouldn’t be bringing the Ativ Tab to the US market at all, because of possibly ensuing confusion among consumers as to what Windows RT is and how it differs from Windows 8.


Over in Europe, Samsung may have decided to pull the plug on Ativ Tab sales because of lack of demand for such products. Or it may be the story from the US over again – the cost of explaining to people what RT is and what its limitations are is simply too high to be worth it. Also, RT-based products simply aren’t cheap enough to be attractive solely from that point of view.

It definitely looks like Samsung is not at all a fan of Windows RT, choosing more and more to focus on delivering devices (be they tablets, tablet/laptop hybrids, or laptops) with Windows 8 only. Let’s see if any other companies decide to follow Samsung’s lead and drop Windows RT offerings in the future.

Via Heise Via Mobilegeeks

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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