Samsung makes sure you know the Galaxy S4 is coming to New York

It’s no secret that Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S4 / S IV smartphone next week in New York City. Of course, not everyone knows that, so Samsung has made sure that at least those in NY are aware of what’s coming.

The company has placed giant ads in Times Square, urging the world to “be ready 4 the next Galaxy”:

Samsung Galaxy S4 New York Times Square

Samsung Galaxy S4 New York Times Square 2

While Samsung hasn’t provided concrete details regarding the new Galaxy flagship, we’ve heard quite a lot about it. It’s going to run Android Jelly Bean (most likely version 4.2), featuring a 5 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) Super AMOLED display, a quad-core – or maybe eight-core – processor, LTE, NFC, 13MP rear camera, and up to 64GB of internal memory. There will also be new software enhancements, including an eye-tracking feature.

Sure enough, some of these details might not be accurate. But everything will be clear in a week’s time, when the Galaxy S4 is going to be finally announced.

Samsung reportedly hopes to sell a total of 100 million Galaxy S4 handsets around the world. It won’t be impossible, but neither easy, with all the other high-end smartphones introduced or bound to be introduced this year, including Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, and Apple’s iPhone 5S / 6 (which should debut sometime during the summer).

Via Samsung Tomorrow

Author: Florin

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