Sony Xperia ZL goes on sale in Russia first, yours for around $896

At the end of last month we heard that the Sony Xperia ZL would go on sale in Russia at the beginning of March. And sure enough, that’s exactly what has happened today. Furthermore, Russia is the first country in which the Xperia ZL has become available. Elsewhere, you should probably expect the ZL to land in April. At least that’s probably true for the rest of Europe.

If you’re in Russia, the Xperia ZL is now in stock at Sony’s online store, which is where you can pick one up for 27,490 rubles. That’s approximately $896, €688 or £595 at the current exchange rates. Definitely not cheap, then, but don’t forget that mobile phones are usually more expensive in Russia than in other parts of Europe (sometimes by quite a margin).

Sony Xperia ZL Russia

That seems to have happened in this case too, as we have previously heard that the recommended sales price for the Xperia ZL in Europe is going to be €599.99.

The Sony Xperia ZL seems like it has been created specially for those who can’t stand smartphones with glass backs, or devices that are waterproof. Because in terms of specs, it’s almost entirely identical to the Xperia Z.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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