BlackBerry Z10 to be available at AT&T on March 22 after all?

The BlackBerry Z10 may arrive at AT&T exactly one week later than we previously heard it would. A couple of days ago, the first rumor on the matter appeared and claimed that March 15 will be the big date when the first device to run the new BlackBerry 10 OS will be available at AT&T.

However, a new report out today says we’ll have to wait until March 22 for the BlackBerry Z10 to actually arrive at AT&T. This apparently comes from “two people familiar with the plan”, who obviously “asked not to be named”. And, as expected, AT&T declined to comment on the rumor.

BlackBerry Z10-1

AT&T may be the first US carrier to have the Z10 in stock later this month, as Verizon is expected to start sales towards the end of March.

The speculation around the US release dates for the BlackBerry Z10 is bound to continue over the next few days and weeks, if carriers don’t decide to put an end to it all by making some official announcements. That hasn’t happened yet, so all we have for now are these types of rumors. We’ll keep you posted though.

Via Bloomberg

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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